ATV Safety

ATV Quad Bike Safety Information

Before all our quad treks or safaris, our experienced staff will provide you with full training on our automatic ATV quad bikes and then supply you with the appropriate safety gear.

Warning: Quad Biking can seriously result in injury or death if rules are not obeyed

Quads are high speed off-road vehicles, designed to be used in the most difficult terrain and on steep slopes. There is inherent danger in any such activity. However used properly and with in the limits of both the rider and the machine, the Quad bike is as safe any mode of transport.

​- ​Do not operate a quad bike while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
​- ​Always listen to your instructor
​- ​Always keep both hands on the handle bars and both feet on the foot rests
​- ​Helmets & goggles to be worn at all times
​- ​Always keep a safe distance of 5-10 meters between bikes
​- ​Adequate distance will permit safe braking and avoid dust, spray or stones that may be thrown up.
​- ​Do not make sharp turns at high speed
​- ​Never use the brakes when turning, use the brakes to slow down well before turning.

When turning you must be able to coordinate speed and body position to maintain balance while turning. Slow before the turn and gently increase the throttle as you exit the turn. Support your weight on the outer foot peg and lean your body into the turn.

​- ​Turn at slow speeds
​- ​Do not attempt to overtake the vehicle in front of you
​- ​If you are afraid of heights, inform your instructor

Every effort will be made so you will enjoy Quad Biking as an activity. However rules are there for your safety and others, so please obey them.

We take safety very seriously and require that you sign an agreement indicating that you understand and will abide by our safety rules before you embark on your quad bike adventure.